OutFox Field Guard - Foxtail Protection for Your Dog

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  3.   PressRelease - download pdf


Outfox® Field Guard: How to Enjoy Summer Without the Fear of Foxtails - Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

Protecting Your Dog Against Foxtails -Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM

Trupanion video about pet deafness -”Dangers of aural foreign bodies” - Dr. Jason Nicholas, BVetMed The Preventive Vet™

Bailey and Chloe Outfox foxtails! - Rod Michaelson   3 great Videos!

           Dogs wearing and field testing the OutFox® Field Guard for the first time.

Summer Hazards - Trish Wamsat

Its Foxtail Season Again - Donna Littlejohn

Outfoxing Foxtails - Lisa Wogan for Bark online magazine

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